These are mini festivals that are celebrated in each of the 13 Districts of the Berom land on the Plateau and at Aboro, in Sanga Local Government Area of Kaduna State. A roaster is usually drawn up for this annually. Each district celebrates their festival with special features unique to their setting. It includes music, dance, drama, arts, crafts and special prayers are offered for rain, bumper harvest, health, prosperity and wellbeing of/and in the districts.

These usually start in September and conclude in March/April of the following year (year of the Nzem Berom). The culmination of these mini festivals is the Grand Finale in the Nzem Berom —which is the “Mother of them All”.

It is out of these District festivals that contestants to the Zere Beauty Pageant are preliminarily selected. Artworks, crafts and artefacts for the Nzem Berom are sourced; Dance groups are sourced and selected and other inputs that bring in the variety from the diversities of the Districts are brought together to make for the rich festival of the Nzem Berom.