1. District Festivals

These are mini festivals that are celebrated in each of the 13 Districts of the Berom land on the Plateau and at Aboro, in Sanga Local Government Area of Kaduna State. A roaster is usually drawn up for this annually.

2. Prayers

Invoking the Powers of the Almighty God to come guide and bless us during and after the event and for the rest of the year with Hwei, Cun and Nyama, Children, food and animals for fur to cover our nakedness (clothing) and meat.

3. Women Special

The older women — mainly married women, meet to showcase their prowess in domestic matters. They have a variety of activities that they organize mainly in some form of competition for excellence — such as processing of raw food stuff into prepared cuisines, Home Management, songs, dance, drama and music, folklores, hand crafts such as weaving, domestic implements, dressing etc.

4. The Zere Beauty Pageant Competition

This is an event for the Young folks, especially the Girl Child. This event brings to the fore the virtues of the Berom girl-child’s BRAINS, BEAUTY and CHARACTER (a BBC Affairs).


5. Symposium

Each episode of the Nzem Berom has a theme driving the festival for the year. The Symposium usually crafts a topic that addresses the issues of the theme and discusses it at the Symposium. It is a critical educational input into the festival that; 

6. The Carnival Procession

This presents public celebrations, parades, street parties and entertainments that among other things heralds (announces) the coming of a significant event. It is usually a fore-runner to the main event.

7. The Festival Declaration

This declaration, the “MOG” in Berom language is the authorizing call (statement) made only by the owners and custodians of the Festival. It is made by His Majesty, the Gbong Gwom Jos, President Jos Joint Traditional Council and President of the Berom Traditional Council.

8. The Exhibition

An exhibition pavilion is usually constructed to showcase items of general cultural relevance to the Berom — Arts, Crafts, Artefacts (Historical), Implements (for farming, hunting, defence and domestic use).