Da Dr. Fom Bot (Late)

His Majesty, Gbong Gwom Jos, Da Dr. Fom Bot CON, CFR (Late), accepted the proposition of late Da Dudu Dalyop for a Berom Cultural Festival to take place in Jos annually. He mobilized the Berom Traditional Council, Berom Elders Council and Berom Educational and Cultural Organization (BECO) for the needed support and this led to the hosting of the first Nzem Berom in 1981. He chaired series of meetings to see that the idea was truly practicably in the real sense of having a standard festival for the Berom nation in the name of Nzem Berom.

He was the chairman of Berom Elders Council (BEC). And his usual quest and commitment for the Berom unity and identity, endorsed the idea of staging the Nzem Berom festival. He mobilized his council members to give their cooperation and support to the hosting of the festival. And this he demonstrated during the several meetings that took place in the process of planning. Dalo Da D.B. Zang is be remembered for his outstanding contribution in the area of education. He has Zang Commercial Secondary area of education. He has Zang Commercial Secondary School to his credit. He was a great investor and one-time member of the World Tin Council, member Northern Nigeria House of Assembly, representing the Tin miners and held so many responsibilities. Dalo Da D. B. Zang was also into politics where he became the chairman of Nigeria Peoples Party (NPP). He passed away on the 29th May, 2008 at the age of 81 years.

In early February, 1981, Da Dudu Dalyop met Da Joseph Chollom Jack at the Jos Cultural Centre. And Suggested to him that it would be a good idea whenever all Berom Districts celebrate thier cultural festivals, there should be an all-embracing one to take place in Jos town. Da Jack, advised him to approach His Majesty Da Dr. Fom Bot with such a beautiful idea. It is understood that he actually wrote a letter to that effect to His Majesty the Gbong Gwom Jos, this led to the mobilization of Berom Traditional Council, Berom Elders Council and BECO, for the endorsement of the idea for the first Nzem Berom of 1981 to take place.

He was the then Chairman Jos Local Government Council. He acted as the linkman or liaison official between Da Joseph Chollom Jack and the body of apporoval; His Majesty the Gbong Gwom, Jos late Da Dr. Fom Bot and his traditional Council, Berom Elders Council (BEC) and Berom Educational and CUltural Organization (BECO) within the period of Mr. Jack’s research, production naming and the actual directing of the presentation of the first Nzem Berom on the 4th April, 1981. Late Da Musa Bagos Dalyop , should be remembered as the first Berom man to broadcast news in Berom language on both radio and Television, between the late 1960s and 1980s.

He was the President Berom Educational and Cultural Organization (BECO) who mobilized his members and duly accepted the idea of the proposed Cultural festival for the entire Berom. During the period of planning, he showed so much interest and to some extent assisted in supervising the process particularly during deliberation with the approval body.

Da Dr, Sambo Daju, a renowned academician and one of the first croop of Nigerians who earned a Doctorate (Phd) Degree in Physics parted from this sinful world on the 19th January, 1986, leaving behind a diligent and humble wife, Ngow Chundung Lucy Sambo-Daju and Children.

She was the then Presidnt Berom Women Association (BWA). She actively mobilize Berom Women by using heer Exco members and her Mandyeng women dance group. As the leader, she also introduced a dimension in Berom Women accompanying or form of Vanguard that led His Majesty the Gbong Gwom Jos, Da Dr. Fom Bot from his palace to the Nzem Berom arena at the Polo Ground. The present Gbong Gwom Procession or carnival took its roots from the initiative of Ngwo Na’omi Jugu and Berom Women generally.


The first Nzem Berom Planning Committee of 1982 was appointed, comprising, seating from left to right late Da Taddy S. Pam as Chairman and Dr. Dachollom Jambol, Secretary and other members standing: from left to right are Da Seth Mwankwey, Da Joseph Chollom Jack, Da Dauda Dyek, Da Musa Bot Fang, Da Adamu Fom, Da Bitrus Piyo, and Da Felix Pam Tok and Ngwo Na’omi Jugu who is not in the picture. All of these people made very significant contributions that made the Nzem Berom 1982 a memorable outing.


The Dance Group is said to have been formed in 1960 by Women like Ngwo Naomi Jugu, Ngwo Lo Danja (as she is popularly known) and a host of others. The group became very popular in the 1970s. It performed during the first and second Nzem Berom in 1981 and 1982 respectively. It did perform during many State and National Festivals of Art and Culture. It also performed during FESTAC’77 and won a Trophy for the State. One can easily spot Ngwo Naomi Jugu as leader in the middle, amidst her members.