Nzem Berom: A Unique Cultural Experience

Nzem Berom, a yearly cultural kaleidoscope, where royalty, dance, music, arts and crafts, beauty, fashion, cuisine are displayed by a peace-loving people who are passionate about their cultural heritage.

An Outline History of Nzem Berom

Nzem Berom is the major cultural festival of the Berom, who constitute the most populous ethnic grouping in Plateau State. Nzem means festival showcasing different aspects of the cultural heritage in music, dance, clothing, costumes, artefacts, arts and crafts, folklore, royalty, traditional tools and technology, food and herbs among others. Prior to the central organization of Nzem Berom in 1981, the Berom nation had several cultural festivals including Vwana, Mandieng, Nshok and Badu from ancient times on the Jos Plateau, in the 14 Districts of Berom land. All of the festivals represented and conveyed gratitude to God Almighty for bountiful harvests as well as prayer offerings for good and sufficient rain fall for the next farming season. Nzem Berom today attracts sons and daughters of the Berom nation at home and in the Diaspora, tourists, friends and well-wishers from all over the world. The festival is a week-long celebration usually staged in the month of April or May to usher in the farming season.

Nzem Berom affords the curious, adventure and leisure-loving tourist opportunity to experience the scenic beauty and culture in the heart of Plateau. It showcases several activities ranging from, royal processions, exhibtions, competitions in traditional food processing hunting expeditions and grand festival with several Berom dances, drama, contemporatry and traditional concerts, Zere beauty pageant, Berom kitchen, prayer and laying of wreaths at monuments, visit to major tourist sites as well as cultural performances of other ethnic groups within and outside the state. Nzem Berom also offers a platform for business interests, researchers, and a host of others to engage in mutually benefitting exchanges both within and outside the Berom nation.