An exhibition pavilion is usually constructed to showcase items of general cultural relevance to the Berom — Arts, Crafts, Artefacts (Historical), Implements (for farming, hunting, defence and domestic use). On display are also various items that showcase the rich endowment of the Berom nation in Agriculture, Tourism, Science and Technology and other endowed natural resources domiciled in the Berom land. Since 2016, when the Nzem Berom assumed “Thematic Dimension” of celebration, the Festival’s exhibitions have focused on natural endowments that address the core issues of the theme for the year. A synopsis of these past years shows the following; 2016 — The theme was: Nzem Berom —A Cultural Brand for Unity, Peace and Process. It showcased a people who are peace loving, accommodating and hospitable. 2018 — Nzem Berom: Irresistible Land, People, Culture and Agricultural Economy. This showcased various development potentials. 2019 — Nzem Berom: Celebrating the Berom Prowess in Science and Technology. This stood the Berom person out in inventions, innovation and scientific entrepreneurial potentials. 2022 — Nzem Berom: Celebrating the Berom in Politics: Activating Language, Socio-Economic Development and Politics. It is aimed at triggering Language, Economy and Political activism towards national development.

The pavilions of the past exhibitions spoke to the issues succinctly. The exhibition for this year’s Festival promises to be another epoch making one. A visit to this pavilion is a “must” aspect of the Nzem Berom 2022.

These are then spiced by rolling out the drums with various cultural dances, music and songs. This provides an avenue for economic activities to thrive as provisions are made for marketing of goods produced both by the Berom entrepreneurs and others who take advantage of the festival to showcase their wares, products etc.