The older women — mainly married women, meet to showcase their prowess in domestic matters. They have a variety of activities that they organize mainly in some form of competition for excellence — such as processing of raw food stuff into prepared cuisines, Home Management, songs, dance, drama and music, folklores, hand crafts such as weaving, domestic implements, dressing etc.

These they do as a mentoring process/programme for the younger ones (females) to aid imbibe character, home management, motherhood and exemplary virtues of being Berom women of excellence and leaders. Competitions are run and prizes are won by those who excel.

Lately, they have added the “Berom Kitchen” to the events of the Nzem Berom where various Berom delicacies and cuisines are prepared for consumption during the Grand Festival. It is simply a place where a visit will convince the tourists and visitors to what makes the Berom cuisines unique in Nigeria.

It holds also on same day as the Zere Beauty Competition, while the Berom Kitchen is displayed on the day of the Grand Festival. This event is open for sponsorship.